Danielle Pelly

Episode 1

Ena Pelly

Former snowboarding champion Danielle Pelly has a belief in goal-setting and making every effort to achieve them. With her fashion brand Ena Pelly located in Torquay, she has a deep connection with the ocean. Living on the surfcoast has motivated her and husband Tim to become as sustainable and waste-free as possible with their business.

Danielle has reviewed all aspects of her business to limit the use of plastics and has created a range of faux fur jackets, made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles which would normally end up in landfill or the ocean.

It takes Danielle sixty 600ml plastic bottles to make one faux fur jacket and it feels like real rabbit fur. In 2021, Ena Pelly’s fashion innovation with faux fur jackets will have removed 800,000 plastic bottles from going to waste. Outstanding effort!


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