Meet The Host



Guy is a genuine and authentic Australian voice, with our country’s best interests at his heart. He is passionate about the protection of our native animals and habitat conservation. Guy is a caring all-Australian, which is why we are grateful that he joined us on ‘Advancing Australia’.

Guy Pearce says, “I hope you find this series as compelling as I have. Being involved in ‘Advancing Australia’ gave me a unique insight into some exceptional examples of Australian innovation. It was a real thrill. It allowed me the chance to explore some incredible work being done by a wide variety of Aussies leading the way, globally, across a broad range of fields.”

Guy is passionate about equality and fairness, has worked hard as a creator in the arts on the world stage, and embodies the Australian spirit. It is these qualities we see in our innovators and change makers from across the country.

“Trying to find balance in this world is definitely a major motivator for me. I also believe our planet needs more consideration. Reducing pollution is paramount. Life is about fairness, justice and belonging. Whatever I can do to assist I will always try to do.”

In presenting Advancing Australia, Guy will help share the efforts and stories of our people with audiences everywhere, whilst shining a spotlight on Australia’s biggest issues.


Guy Peace